Progressive Doctrine and the Development of a Racial Caste System

Progressive Doctrine and the Development of a Racial Caste System

One of the more striking elements in the evolution of Progressive ideology is the idea that race should be the determining factor in all human interaction. It may come as a surprise, even to Progressives themselves, just how entrenched this racial ideology is. It permeates nearly all elements of the ideology and for a very good reason. They truly believe in a type of secular form of Calvinist predestination that sees everyone as a collective victim or oppressor based on their physical characteristics or proportional representation within a population.

As explained in The Religion of Social Justice, Part I: Political Correctness as Faith, the Progressive Stack is a classification system developed by Progressives to use at their protests in order to determine who gets to speak, when, and why. Originally, it was conceived as a type of totem pole, or chart, with those whom they decide were “the most oppressed in America” at the top and those they perceive to hold the most inherent power, based on their skin color, race, or gender, at the bottom. They use a racial/gender classification system in order to determine the worth of an individual and therefore how they must be treated by others within a progressive system.

A Progressive zealot proselytizing and attacking a heretic for something that has never bothered anyone in the history of people. The key to being a Progressive is to ensure that you are off putting in any situation no matter how rediculous it may feel to do so.  

Progressives are so very wrapped up in Identity Politics that it infects every facet of the ideology. As is expected in a collectivist ideology or religion, the idea of collective guilt and suffering pervades; it is a kind of secular original sin. People are never individuals to a Progressive. Depending on the racial classification in which they are viewed, they are either an inherently powerful oppressor or an inherently weak perpetual victim. Success is deemed as inspiring or exploitative depending on the race or gender of the person. This is due to a highly Marxist interpretation of class that chooses to see success as the outcome of direct exploitation and oppression; if you are doing well, it can only be because you exploited a member of another race (or racial caste in a Progressive system).

It is imperative to Progressives that people feel they must be collectivized and separated from the other races in a society whenever possible. The surest way to get the Progressive racism flowing is for a black person to tell a white progressive that they don't vote the same way they do; it's not uncommon for them to be called a traitor or an uncle tom. Collectivist ideologies leave no room for free will. 

Progressives will often say that they only want there to be equality between all races and genders. This is only because they have a different definition of equality in the same way that they have a different definition for most words. They view true equality, or equality of opportunity, as oppressive because everyone will not ultimately have equal success at the end. They view equal treatment under the law as oppressive because some people commit more crimes than others just as men commit more crimes than women. This is because they want equality of outcome; where people with different abilities, skills, and work ethic end up the same in the end and they want this to be mandated by the government.

What the Progressives actually seek is tyrannical because they want the government to drag talented people down which is ultimately easier than forcing the less able, less skilled, and less tenacious to do better. This may sound familiar because it is a doctrine found in Marxism and so the connection between progressives and Marxists should become apparent under scrutiny of both ideologies. They want representation in prisons to be equal. For that to happen, many people would either have to be forgiven for committing crimes or racial groups would need to be targeted in order to raise their representation in the prisons. Both of these options are tyrannical. It is up to the individual to avoid prison by not committing crime but if the police are called on someone for committing a crime, it would be preposterous to let them go based solely on their race and gender alone. This is what is so troubling about Progressives. They see the world almost entirely through a racial lens and so the solutions they seek to achieve total parity between the races is ultimately a race based law code that treats people more lightly or harshly depending on their racial “caste”.

What a sterling idea. Bravo!

Having so many combinations of races, genders, disabilities, and tax brackets that are used to classify people as good or evil, it can get pretty complicated even for the Progressives themselves. There are many entertaining videos on YouTube showing Progressive zealots berating people only to find out they are gay or moderately disabled which leads to them hilariously apologizing profusely for being so “oppressive”. It is like watching a parishioner tell a dirty joke to someone only to find out they are a priest when they remove their sweatshirt revealing a cassock underneath; the change in attitude is absurd.

The elephant in the room with Progressives, to their own chagrin, is the fact that their adherents are very often members of, and forgive me for saying this, the bourgeoisie. As with Marxists, these ideologues love waxing and ‘whining’ about the plight of the worker. They see themselves as champions of the black or Hispanic working class who exist to save them from their permanent helpless victimhood with the power of their whiteness (which they’re using for good, honest) while crushing their oppressors which they view as poor white working class men. It can be seen as the guilt associated with being raised in an upper-class household by overcompensating for that guilt by attacking other white people on the basis that they are also white and so must have benefited from the same kind of sheltered wealthy upbringing they benefited from themselves. This is where the religious aspect shines. They see people of the white race as suffering from the original sin of existence and therefore they must redeem themselves via a never ending ethno-masochist crusade. Progressives could not have a more classically Christian view of the world. They simply inserted race into the equation and took humans as a whole out.

To Progressives, LeBron James is a helpless broken sorry black man condemned to the hellish existence of extravagant wealth while they see themselves as higher beings sent to Earth to protect him from poor white people that could be rude to him someday.. or something. What a tangled web we weave with absolutist ideology; if something doesn’t fit within the constraints of reality, they make it fit rather than appending that ideology.

The bar is being lowered so fast it's in free fall. There is no such thing as improvement or education. A person in college should obviously come out the other end exactly as they went in.

It is this very obsession with identity politics that has been driving people away from the left over the past few years. It is supremely difficult for a member of the Progressive religion to exert power over someone on the outside looking in just as it is difficult to convince an atheist that he is going to hell for not believing in Christ. Many who see themselves as traditional Liberals find themselves lost in a Democrat Party that is increasingly shrill about declaring entire races to be evil or good based on their place in the victimhood hierarchy. Whites especially are weary of being abused in what is so very obviously racial discrimination by those that claim it is anything but. Progressives see no problem in looking a man in the eyes and telling him his inherent toxic whiteness is a blight on society; Translation: You are going to Progressive hell because you were born a certain color in a country composed mostly of people that are that color. This is textbook racism. Can you imagine the Chinese Communist Party telling its citizens that the Chinese are a blight on China and that there are too many Chinese people in positions of power? Absolutely not. That beggars reality.

A new favorite is the Progressive idea that people who aren’t racist and refuse to treat people differently based on their race are especially racist. Again, these are “heretics” that do not adhere to Progressive racial ideology. This is of course related to, “Your baby is racist” and “The Cure for Racism is White Abortion” on the “fun” end of the Progressive spectrum.

Pretzel logic. When everything is viewed through the lenses of a racial caste system, real world events involving human beings become an exercise in olympic level mental gymnastics. 

When will this Progressive KKKarnival come to an end? Sooner than you think. When a suffocating and oppressive system is in place, it will have immediate detractors. The Left has been absolutely hemorrhaging smart people for years and this has had a devastating effect. The Left has scared thought leaders and outspoken heretics, most of whom online, into leading the charge against a horde of religious zealots unable to put together a logical argument between them because of their absolute faith in Progressive dogma and scripture. Though there are other elements, sacred cows, that are part of Progressive dogma, it is really quite striking how the racial hierarchy has shot forth to become a primary focus of the movement. All there is left to do, just like a bush fire on a peninsula bound by two rivers, is to dig a wide ditch on the open end and wait for this mess to burn itself the fuck out.

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