Count the Women and Children: Pathological Altruism and Mass Migration

Count the Women and Children: Pathological Altruism and Mass Migration

Few societal phenomena in modern western culture have had a greater impact on people’s lives than pathological altruism. It is at times a complicated concept to explain but once you are apprised of it, it’s almost impossible not to see it interlaced throughout the actions of our politicians and leaders, and society at large at least in a way that mass media would have us believe. Scenes in Germany show young women waiting at train stations holding signs saying, "Refugees Welcome" while holding toys for the children they were told would be coming. They are left disillusioned by the constant stream of men coming off the trains with women and children few and far between. How did this happen and why are many people willing to continue supporting this even after realizing the migration was predicated on a lie?

Thousands of migrants, mostly men from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, arrive at a train station in Germany.

For decades Westerners have been held to a stratospherically high standard in the world. Conversely, we have failed to hold others to these same standards when they are brought to live in our communities. Since some time in the 90’s when political correctness first rose, it has become a commonly held view among those in regressive, liberal, and high society that different standards should be applied to people depending on their race, religion, and ethnicity. They believed that people from non-Western backgrounds were incapable of achieving the same standards when it comes to rational thought, work ethic, and physical restraint and so they should be given a pass in the hope that they will see this willingness to allow their mistakes and that we in turn will be forgiven for what the Marxists view as the crime of success.

George W Bush described the failure to apply standards equally among all groups as “the bigotry of low expectations”. So far, I haven’t been able to find a more fitting term. This bigotry of low expectations allows people, like those in the current mass migration into Europe, to run roughshod over all local traditions and laws because the natives (mostly the regressives) are willing to give a pass overall to a demographic that they truly, deep down, view as unwashed savages. They have reached into their purse time and time again to give everything they have to them because they truly believe that they are saving the world by allowing them to eat them out of house and home. The Dalai Lama has recently caught a lot of flak from regressives for showing his dismay towards Europe’s decision to import millions of men that are openly taking advantage of, and brutalizing, the local people. His general message was that being too altruistic will ensure that others will take full advantage of you.

Sheik Muhammad Ayed speaking at the al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. He has controversially made public the organized migration into Europe as a means to conquer and destroy Europe from within by out breeding the local population until they reach a majority and are able to enact their will upon them. "We will give them fertility. We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries".

The concept of migration and breeding for the purpose of conquest is outlined in the koran and is known, among other terms, as Hijrah  which is named after the first migration of Muhammad's followers from Mecca to Medina in the 7th century after tribal warfare and the local's unwillingness to submit to minority muslims' authority. Sheik Ayed describes this as a "meritorious" act.  

The general idea behind pathological altruism is that people will take altruism to such an extreme that it becomes self-destructive. In other words, the utility provided by helping others is severely outweighed by the costs. Giving $2.00 in change to a homeless person living on the streets is seen as a reasonable contribution because others will do the same and it adds up. However, taking out a loan and selling all your worldly possessions in order to entirely fund that homeless person’s life would be total madness regardless of how “nice” it appears to be. An example that is more prescient would be to examine the issues that countries like Sweden and Germany have had with mass migration. Taking care of refugees that are victims of war is a noble cause. However, when you displace your own people, spend hundreds of billions of dollars housing, feeding, and accommodating people who more times than not have lied about their refugee status in the first place, you end up with a situation where altruism, taken to the extreme, has become so detrimental that it threatens to completely destroy a whole country in just a few short years. Countries like Sweden and Germany will never be the same again because Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to unilaterally open up the borders of Europe to the mass migration of men from North Africa, South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa and the Middle East because there is an ongoing war in the country of Syria. When asked why she would do such a thing, she responded with the following:

“We should have the courage as Christians to enter a dialogue then, and while we are talking about tradition, maybe please go to church every once in a while, or become a tad more versed in the Bible and maybe be able to just explain a painting in the church.”

Here, she explains to a group of confused reporters that it is Germany’s duty to take in muslim men because it is their duty as Christians and as Germans. She suggests that Germany can really prove itself by just barely squeezing in a third disaster to inflict upon Europe just in time for the 100th anniversary of World War I.

Pathological altruism very well explains why citizens will support mass migration at least until it comes to their own backyard. However, this doesn’t fully explain why politicians will unilaterally decide to declare national suicide by displacing their native populations with an outside group that, in general, will despise and take advantage of their every weakness. Their reasoning, many times, is far more cynical. As former Prime Minister Tony Blair described in Britain, the mass importation of antagonistic peoples was a huge mistake because of the short sightedness in which this plan was constructed. The Labour Party of Britain believed that they could maintain power in opposition to a resurgent Conservative Party by importing people that they assumed would become a willing voter base that they could take for granted. They believed that by importing hundreds of thousands of people, setting them up with housing, giving them welfare and healthcare, that they would be thankful for the Labour Party spoon feeding and housing them in a kind of extended infancy living in Britain on the public dole; the condition being that they are expected to show up on election day and vote for the Labour Party. Not only did this not work out as expected, it has had a catastrophic impact on the lives of the millions of people that live in the areas they took over.

Entire neighborhoods were taken over and the migrants that inhabit these neighborhoods treat these places as if it is colonized territory. Outsiders are harassed, sharia law is enforced by religious patrols, and extremist ideology has spread like wildfire. Islamic schools, as hidden camera footage has shown time and time again, are more like islamist indoctrination centers for young British muslims. They are taught to hate Christians, Hindus, gays, trans, and Jews; anti-semetism has increased in places in France, Britain, and Sweden to such a high degree that they are leaving Europe for Israel to escape violence. They are told to avoid friendly contact with Westerners as they view them as the enemy. They are taught to completely denounce western culture and everything we stand for as a civilization. Now this seems absolutely unconscionable. How could anyone have the audacity to be invited to live in a literal paradise on Earth, given money just to exist and all the opportunities that come from living in a country like Britain, then go on to declare hatred and a desire to destroy the country that let them in and the native people along with it from the inside?

Many in the West are told that Islam is just another religion not unlike Christianity or Judaism. Most are ill informed regarding the origins of Islam and the violent conquests perpetrated by its prophet, Muhammad. Understanding the koran and the teachings of Muhammad is necessary when trying to understand the beliefs of its adherents.

It would be unthinkable that Jesus Christ would command the beheading of every adult man in a city, the taking of sex slaves, riding into villages at dawn to steal and slaughter its people, or conquering territory at all. Yet, that is the conduct of the prophet of Islam. Of course, as with most religions started by a charismatic cult leader, he decided that he could have as many wives as he wanted and that he could speak to god when no one else was watching; Joseph Smith of Mormonism certainly comes to mind.

Again and again, islamists (more concisely Sunni Wahhabists) break all the rules of what Westerners see as basic human decency as their actions stand in sharp contrast to the motivated immigrants from other cultures such as Hindus, Sikhs, and East Asians. People have been inoculated against defending themselves from a totalitarian ideology that despises everything Westerners hold dear. They are having trouble dealing with such an exception. They are antagonistic towards western values such as human rights, education, science, women’s rights, religious rights, and self-determination. The Labour Party, and many of their constituents, completely disregard islam’s ability to skew towards extremism in such a way that even those muslims who do have the best intentions towards Britain and her people are left scratching their heads and shrugging their shoulders being that theirs is a minority voice in a culture dominated by powerful local wahhabist imams. These wahhabists often find themselves at the center of nearly all major mosques, Islamic schools, city councils, and muslim advocacy groups in Britain. The extremists always come out on top in these communities. They vote their own politicians into office; they infiltrate city councils and even public schools. Peace loving muslim allies living in these communities cannot stand up to the islamists for the same reason the native Britons and other immigrant groups cannot; the extremists are dug into the country’s skin like tics and they’re sucking the blood out just the same. The agreeable immigrants are unorganized, just like the other ethnic groups, and so they are overridden by the highly organized extremist minority. This is true in every other Western country.

2010 figures: Pre-Islamic migrations

Tony Blair did not realize what many Britons fail to realize; islam is its own political party and no amount of appeasement will stave off the demands of the islamists because their insatiability comes from the very core of their religious scholars’ interpretations. Islam was started by Muhammad who gained a large following by raping and plundering his neighbors and offering them an ultimatum; convert or die. Though Christians were sometimes offered the privilege of paying crushing taxes in order to not convert, this was unsustainable. Muhammad's hatred of others and the graphic violence woven throughout the story of his life stands in stark contrast to the lives of other religious leaders such as Jesus Christ and Buddha. Because the religion exists to spread by any means necessary, no amount of money and power given to them short of absolute surrender will stop the wahhabist Sunni leaders from taking advantage of your every weakness. Unlike Christianity, which teaches adherents to respect the laws of the lands in which they live, Muhammad taught that only the laws of islam should be followed no matter where you go. This is an issue when trying to get them to assimilate to local customs because they are taught that their religious laws supersede the laws of man.

What do Westerners do when a significant portion of particular population, at the behest of their leaders, decides to deny the authority of their laws? In many Western European countries, apparently, they let it slide because it would be rude to ask them to not follow their religion. It is absurd that their religion describes the reasons for which they are not bound by the laws of man.

The inability to see this soft invasion for what it is happens to be firmly rooted in pathological altruism. People are ignoring their own wellbeing by allowing migrants to take over their communities and reducing people to only feeling safe within their own homes when they’re not getting bricks thrown through their windows. English, Irish, Jews, Hindus, and Jamaicans are being pushed out of their own neighborhoods in cities like Luton and Birmingham where muslims make up just under a quarter of the population but have attained much political power because they are all entirely aligned behind the same islamists.

Tommy Robinson, who started the English Defense League after learning of islamists recruiting men in his community to fight for the Taliban, a group that represents the native inhabitants (English, Irish, Jamaican, Hindu, Jewish) of these cities, has spoken at length about the gangs of muslim men that focus primarily on raping children and how the police are pressured to ignore these crimes in order to avoid being called racist in the press. How could anyone ignore these kinds of crimes? Millions are brainwashed into believing that it is better to be nice than it is to be safe, even if this means ignoring the organized mass rape of women and children. One horror story from Rotherham, a story replete throughout cities and towns in Britain, has become the prime example of this terror where over 1,400 young children were used as sex slaves by men from muslim families in a town where the muslim population is only several thousand. When a report came out about this widespread abuse, rather than working with authorities and the community to help root out the part of the culture that causes this, the local muslim advocacy groups came out to deride the police and the accusers; you would never see this kind of horrifying arrogance and disrespect anywhere else in the world.

The rapists often groom children from broken and fatherless homes by plying them with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and attention they are lacking at home. Over time they are eventually raped and shared with other members of the gang or offered to other men in exchange for money.

After a 14 year old girl was held down and gangraped by two men who claimed to be underage in her school bathroom, one judge in Sweden remarked, "Rapists are victims too" when he handed one a sentence of 100 hours community service and set the other one free entirely. They were even allowed to stay in the same school after the incident. They are held to rock bottom standards because it is believed that they simply have a tough life and should be shown every leniency in order to raise their self esteem and show them that they are wanted here whether their victims like it or not. As adults claiming to be children are placed into schools with young girls, cases of gang rape and sexual assault are increasingly common in countries like Sweden, Germany, and Canada. The schools are nearly helpless, and in most cases unwilling, to enforce their rules on a group of people they see as helpless victims and so they allow them to victimize their own children. School dances are then attended by grown men who grope and assault girls who are too scared in many cases to report these crimes; when they do, they are often dragged through the mud by their administrations.

Faith Goldy of Rebel Media has a thorough expose related to this phenomenon in Canada which you can view HERE.

The use of the word “gangs” is suspect here because this appears to have mostly been groups of friends or whole families that realized they could act with total impunity when it came to abusing the local population on account of their inability to defend themselves against a group of people that are afforded every leniency due to pathological altruism as public policy. Often, fathers, brothers, and sons would work together to find young children by waiting outside of their schools and at playgrounds. They would target children from broken and fatherless homes and ply them with alcohol and drugs, then continue to rape them over a period of years despite the pleas from their parents to the police who were unwilling to stop them; in fact, people trying to retrieve their children from the rapists have been arrested for breaking and entering even though the rape was happening right then and there. In one instance, a group of men who were raping an 11 year old girl when the police arrived. They arrested the 13 year old for “drunk and disorderly”. In another instance, a Somali man in court, when asked why he would rape these young girls, claimed that it is his religious duty to do so; this sounds like an outrageous claim yet the muslim prophet Muhammad did declare that women who were uncovered and non-muslim should be raped and considered what he called “roving slave women” so that they will convert or suffer unending rape until they do.

According to a report by the British Law and Freedom Centre using court statistics and conviction rates, 91% of child rape victims are assaulted by a muslim perpetrator in a country where just about 4% of the population is muslim. This is undeniably related to the view in islam that a child of the age of 9, or more concisely a child that has began to menstruate, is hereafter considered a woman. Most islamic scholars agree that the age of consent is determined by the child's ability to "withstand penetration". 

This horrifying reality has come at odds with the marxist ideal woven into Western society that all cultures are equal in merit and outside cultures are beyond reproach as it would be rude to criticise another culture no matter how terrible some of their norms may be. When a muslim in Britain is 200 times more likely to rape a child than any other ethnic group, it becomes necessary to take a look at what is causing this and call it for what it is. It's truly disgusting to obfuscate evidence and deny the responsibility of groups of men that are raping the children of your home country. At what point can people finally say that there is a pattern here? [Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal by Peter McLoughlin]

All these stories are just a drop in the ocean compared to the horrors that have come from this mass importation yet people are afraid to speak out on these issues. People are afraid to be vilified in the media for speaking out against the organized mass rape of children or losing their jobs from such scrutiny. It is absolute and total madness that being nice to rapists outweighs the right of children in this society yet this is the reality. You will receive public praise for supporting the importation of such groups of men from overseas who inevitably will attack and abuse the native people but will be vilified and made a pariah for speaking out against such crimes. This is truly a mad mad world. It could be gathered from such a situation that it is a virtue to allow the total destruction of your community, yet trying to stop the destruction makes you an outcast.

The UK is not the prime example of pathological altruism leading to self-destruction. Sweden is the poster child for national suicide for the sake one upsmanship in the realm of who can be nicer than the last person. Politicians in Sweden will go so far as to speak publically about how it is a good thing that Sweden’s culture is shifting towards islam. They view themselves as a “humanitarian superpower” and believe that it is their job to be the “white saviors” of the world. This absolute naivety has left them open to being taken advantage of in the most abusive ways. The previous migration waves to Sweden from countries like Serbia, Bosnia, Italy, and Spain had left them with a false impression of how well migrants can integrate into society even though these immigrants totaled only a fraction of the migrants imported in the last two years and were of European backgrounds. They completely opened the floodgates in order to show the rest of Europe just how “nice” the Swedes were as other nations played hot potato with the masses of migrant men. Hundreds of thousands of men poured into the country and applied for asylum as refugees even though it has become abundantly clear that most migrants are not from warzones at all but are typically the second, third, or fourth sons of arab families who have been attracted by the promise of free housing, undefended “loose” women, and money that totals several times what they would make in their home countries and they don’t even have to lift a finger to receive it each month.

There are full grown men claiming to be children even though it is obvious they are in their 20’s, 30’s, and in some cases 40’s because it would be “mean” to call them liars. These men often are placed into public schools with young girls with predictable results; it seems that there is a new story every week of a group of men gang raping children in these schools and the blame rests squarely with the painfully naive politicians that let them into the country in the first place.

Muslim migrants walking through several countries in order to reach the German, British, and Swedish welfare states. European politicians promised that they would be mostly women and children fleeing war zones. They promised that they would be doctors and engineers that would add to the tax base. Out of several hundred thousand migrants entering Sweden, only 4 passed a test to determine that they were healthcare professionals. Count the women and children. Where are they? At what point is it ok to say that Europeans were completely lied to and that these lies have led to unthinkable suffering for countless people now afraid for their and their children's lives in their own towns? This extraordinary naivety will lead to the destruction of Europe and it will be looked back on as the greatest folly since World War II.

Count the women and children

Count the women and children. For that matter, count the Syrians.

Count the women and children.

Count the women and children. Count the Syrians. Where are they? Why should we be forced to ignore the obvious lies of politicians when they say that women and children would be given priority or that they educated would add to the economy when most of these migrants are illiterate in their own languages? Why should we ignore the brutalization of the people in our countries?

The Swedish police now have problems they never thought possible before in their country. Sexual assault is now so common that police and politicians have even publicly stated that women should avoid going out at night alone in their own towns; something that would have seemed absurd even five years ago. Men that commit horribly violent rapes will often claim to be underage in order to avoid prison time and they are often sent to juvenile detention facilities for short periods of time or given community service. Grenade attacks and violent crime among the migrants themselves has also increased to levels never seen before.

The police are absolutely terrified at the prospect of claiming there is some kind of pattern here, something that is incredibly obvious to anyone with 1/10th of a brain. They could lose their jobs if they say anything that is not “nice” about migrants. One officer, Peter Springare is one officer who has had enough. He’s come out publically to tell the public that as a policeman, it has become clear that nearly every single crime he investigates is perpetrated by a muslim. This is simply the reality. After coming out with this declaration via facebook, he had dozens of people send him flowers. They were sent to him by a terrified public that has lacked a voice for too long. The Swedish press was forbidden from having photos taken of these flowers in order to push back against the reality that this man has the overwhelming support of the Swedish public. Police stations are often full of women waiting to report sexual assaults that have been inflicted upon them as they walk past migrants in the street and are surrounded, grabbed, and groped. Many are unable, or unwilling, to speak out against the mass migration of these men that have been inflicted upon them. Stockholm syndrome doesn’t even begin to describe this.

Swedish Police Officer Peter Springare laments the obvious correlation between migrants and crime and the inability for police to admit this publically. 

Swedes are trying to be so altruistic that they, at least publically, look out far more for the wellbeing of muslim migrant men than they do about their own people. This is causing Swedes to suffer as it is causing Germans, Britons, French, and Greeks to suffer. They have had the idea to put muslim migrants in charge of reading asylum requests in the belief that they will be able to read arabic and decide which migrants would be best for admittance. What the Swedes do not realize is that muslims have an extraordinary ingroup preference that outranks every other possible metric for rating a human being on their merits. This has caused a situation where the migrants in charge of review these applications will admit all muslims (right right kinds of muslims at least) no matter their ideology (even ISIS fighters) while rejecting all Christian, Kurdish, and Yazidi applications even though these are the groups escaping genocide by muslims and suffering at the hands of the very same people claiming asylum as muslim migrants themselves. This same thing has been shown to be happening in Germany as well. The Western naivety in regards to islam shines brightly here in more ways than in most other examples. They don't understand at all this kind of ingroup preference and had it been Swedes exhibiting this type of action then they would surely be labeled as racial supremacists or nazis. 

How can so many countries find themselves in such a terrible mess? What allows people to sit back and allow their fellow countrymen to be victimized by a population that is imported by their own leaders? To an outside impartial observer, it almost looks as if these leaders are importing millions of people to these countries in order to destroy them from the inside. You could be forgiven for seeing it this way because that has been the practical outcome of such absurd and deranged policies. Apparently, the answer is quite simple. It would be mean to speak out against a single group of people for wrongdoing. On paper, it would be mean to look at one religion out of many and single it out for the characteristic crimes of its adherents. It even makes me excruciatingly uncomfortable coming to these conclusions no matter how logical they may be. After all, I went through the same kind of school system that is replete throughout the West.

Children in western schools are taught that everyone is the same. We were taught that we should all go above and beyond when it came to righting the injustices of the world. After 9/11 we were taught that islam was actually a religion of peace and to ignore all evidence to the contrary. People came to our schools to teach us about how peaceful islam is. They had us try on arab clothing and to learn how to respect Muhammad and go out of our way to be nice to accommodating towards muslims. Imagine how absurd it would be if after Pearl Harbor, the government spend millions of dollars on programs to teach children all the ins and outs of Japanese culture, lie about the peacefulness of the Imperial cult, and then instill propaganda about how the US is truly responsible for Pearl Harbor at the end of the day and that the Rape of Nanking is not emblematic of Japanese culture so the rapists and murderers in the imperial army were not truly Japanese because real Japanese would never do such a thing. As an adult, this kind of indoctrination seems incredibly insidious. It has inoculated an entire generation against rational thought when it comes to protecting the people closest to you; your family, your community, and your country.

Moral relativism, the idea that there is no true right or wrong, is the insidious companion of Pathological Altruism and Critical Theory. This has been the hallmark of social studies in Western countries and has led to a kind of nihilism where it cannot be declared that an action can be heinous if it is perpetrated by an outside group because "who are we to say what is right and wrong, even in our own countries". This has inevitably led to tolerance of the worst possible ideologies as long as they are foreign and even when they rival or even surpass the nazis in their extremism.

Pathological altruism is insidious because it is not an enemy that can be physically identified and defeated in the field. It is a disease of the mind. Sociologist, and professor, Gad Saad, has described the phenomenon of self-destruction in Western societies using an example from nature. He describes the issue of political correctness or pathological altruism through the story of the Spider Wasp. The Spider Wasp will sting a spider and lay its eggs inside the spider's far larger body. The sting renders the spider helpless to make its own decisions and puts it in a zombie like state. As the larva eat it from the inside, the spider will continue on in said zombie like state until it dies and is completely consumed by the invaders within. Pathological altruism, and so political correctness, renders the host incapable of defending itself from obvious impending doom.

This is a state of affairs that would be completely unthinkable in a muslim country. They would never allow Europeans to come into their country by the millions, take their money, attack their women, lobby to overturn their laws, build churches with foreign money, block traffic to pray in the street as a show of force, and commit mass murder in the name of Christianity. They would never have countless reports on the news talking about how muslims will soon be a minority in their own countries as Christians are continually imported into their communities. They would never allow themselves to lose their own countries in only a generation. It's absurd. It would never be allowed because they have not been polluted by an ideology of tyrannical altruistic absolutism as the West has been.

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