2016 US Presidential Election is a Referendum on Corruption

2016 US Presidential Election is a Referendum on Corruption

A good analogy for the corruption present at the highest levels of the US government right now would be a tennis match; doubles. Now, it would probably piss you off to no end if the other team was able to give your partner $100 if they promised to miss on purpose sometimes thus throwing the point. That is essentially what Secretary of State Clinton was involved in while in her position of power, a position meant to pad her resume in preparation for a presidential run in 2016 which was preordained after her loss to Obama in the 2008 democratic primary. She’s certainly not alone in doing this. It is apparent that she is only the tip of the iceberg. According to the anonymous FBI analyst (AKA the Oracle; vindicated on the basis of most things divulged ended up ultimately coming true months later) who spoke on a popular message board about what is happening with the FBI investigation, the center of all this corruption is the Clinton Foundation. He describes the Clinton Foundation as a slush fund style networking locus for people seeking to pay large sums of money for favors that could only be doled out by people in the government with the power and clearance to do so. When a someone, foreign or domestic, sought influence on US foreign policy, they would give a large sum of money to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State with the understanding that a large percentage of that money would go right into the Clinton's pockets under the guise of "administration" or "other" costs. With money in hand, Clinton would allow whatever negotiations were taking place to finish in the favor of the entity who gave to her foundation. This is corruption at its most basic level. This is Pay to Play and it is how the Clintons have amassed much of their fortune despite not holding down a regular job for decades. They do not produce anything. Their self declared job was as gate keepers taking a toll for anyone wanting to influence our government's decisions through bribery.   

Being paid by a foreign government to affect policy in the “customers’” favor is certainly a form of treason on the basis of its ill effect on the country. The fact that the secretary of state owned over a dozen different devices over four years, had them destroyed with hammers to hide evidence, and was allowed to answer a subpoena at her leisure is indicative of widespread corruption. The reality is that she is only the tip of the iceberg. Her high visibility in these matters is really a testament to her sloppiness and a willingness to commit felonies publically while daring anyone to call her on it. Most corrupt government officials are far more scrupulous, but as we see, they are not immune from the suspicions of those paying close attention and willing to dig into the weeds.

Bill Clinton graciously accepted a $1 million check as a birthday present in 2011 from the Qatari government. There is no way this money had anything to do with his wife being secretary of state. It was simply a gift in exchange for nothing. It should be noted, Qatar is an Arab dictatorship in the Middle East that uses slave labor from South Asia and treats women as 4th class citizens. These are the kinds of people bribing our leaders. The image above is gleaned from emails acquired by WikiLeaks.  


A central lightning rod of these recent scandals has been FBI Director James Comey. Why didn’t he allow a normal investigation to take place? Why did he allow Clinton to decide for herself which emails to hand over and which to declare “personal” or not of interest? Why did he allow her to set her own rules for the interview process? How was Clinton’s lawyer, Cheryl Mills, able to sit in on the interview given that she too was under investigation and subject to future interrogation in the same manner thus allowing her to take notes on how to handle her own chat with the FBI later? Hillary Clinton was not even required to give her testimony under oath. This is unheard of and has caused a huge rift within the FBI between the agents and analysts doing all the work and the politically connected stooges planted at the top like Comey. This is just now working its way into a full on revolt within the institution which is developing now; we will keep our ears to the ground.

Jim Comey's brother Peter works at the law firm, DLA Piper, which conducted the totally unbiased audit of the Clinton Foundation. DLA Piper has given Clinton $939,101 in campaign contributions since 1989 and between $50,000 - $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. That looks like quite a conflict of interest.


As retired FBI agent Michael Biasello has said in a recent interview, “Comey has single-handedly ruined the reputation of the organization. He is correct. Most people won’t see the FBI the same way again. They now appear to be a wooden club wielded by the political elite, similar to the way the IRS has been used recently as a way to attack the political rivals of the Obama Administration.

Exhibit C. Enter one, Loretta Lynch. A Bill Clinton appointee, she has been up in the bowls of the Clinton black hole of corruption for decades. As we now understand, the actual job of the FBI here was to gather information poorly, then recommend no action be taken by the Justice Department under Attorney General Loretta Lynch. This was an attempt to pantomime the kind of justice system one would expect from the United States. It ended up as a kind of upside down kangaroo court where the defendant wore the judge’s robes. Lynch graciously accepted that the investigation was completed to the best of the ability of the FBI and that Clinton was free of wrong doing. Of course, she was given assurances that she would keep her job as Attorney General in the case of a Clinton victory, as gleaned from WikiLeaks, and this was likely hammered out during a private meeting between her and Bill Clinton on an airplane parked on the tarmac of an airport in Phoenix, AZ. Without the fortuitous presence of a member of the press who was actually willing to do their job, this meeting would have never been known by the public and no one would have been the wiser. I’ll repeat, Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch in a clandestine meeting in order to discuss the outcome of an ongoing case against his wife (On a totally unrelated note, I will just mention that the figurative guillotines have been gathering dust and have not been watered for hundreds of years). Essentially, Loretta Lynch aided Clinton in escaping justice because it would mean retaining her job as Attorney General of the United States where she may continue receiving a pay check while making sure she accomplishes nothing of note with a safe, albeit corrupt, tenure.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch explains, unconvincingly, that she had flown out to see Bill Clinton on the tarmac of a Phoenix, AZ airport simply to discuss golf and grandchildren. She has shown herself to be a political hack and will be remembered as such.


Comey may very well have received similar assurances to keep his own job as Quid Pro Quo is a fact of life for the Clintons. Just today, it was revealed that Patrick Kennedy, of the State Department, had made an offer on behalf of Clinton to give cushy positions overseas to agents on the condition that they would agree to strip the classified status from emails sent from Clinton’s servers in order to make it appear as if she hadn’t sent classified information unsecure over the internet.

The information we have is as follows: “[Redacted] indicated he had been contacted by PATRICK KENNEDY, Undersecretary of State, who had asked his assistance in altering the email’s classification in exchange for a ‘quid pro quo,’” the 302 states. “[Redacted] advised that in exchange for marking the email unclassified, STATE would reciprocate by allowing the FBI to place more Agents in countries where they are presently forbidden.” It should be noted that in this case the [Redacted] part is a place holder for the name of the FBI agent.

As far as we know, the FBI agents turned them down. This is a good indication that there are still patriotic agents working in the interest of the nation present within the FBI. I’m certain they would find it disheartening to hear that people even have to be convinced that they even exist because of the way their superior, Comey, has sullied their reputation even going so far as to deflect criticism by saying something along the lines of , “If I screwed up then so did my agents. We can’t all be wrong can we?”

The emails and transcripts compiled by WikiLeaks has made it easier than ever to look into the personal emails of Democratic party insiders in order to tell the difference between what they believe privately and what they say publically which are more often than not direct contradictions. Every single citizen living in a Western country should peruse WikiLeaks’ compilations in order to get a grasp on how the system works in practice behind the curtain. Knowing how career politicians use their positions of power to divert money towards themselves at our expense is the first step in keeping them honest; it doesn’t end there though.

The strength, and firm hand, of the United States is what makes the current international system possible. The US provides the security necessary for free trade, freedom of movement, and this makes a basic assurance of peace possible. This is essentially a contract with the world forged during the Bretton Woods Conference held when victory in Europe was accomplished in World War II. There are now over 800 US military installations placed through the globe, large and small, that are strategically placed in order to allow for rapid reaction to crises often within the same day they occur. Aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and other ships patrol the waters of the entire world. No other nation in world history has had such capabilities nor has there been a single government with such responsibility. It is absolutely imperative that the US government maintain the kind of security it provides for nearly every man, woman, and child on Earth by first making sure the flagship nation remains a beacon of freedom, liberty, and prosperity.

Maintaining this level of infrastructure worldwide requires loyal, patriotic, and dedicated leaders. It is now clear that this compact is fracturing because some of our leaders are being paid by foreign actors to act against the interest of the United States for personal enrichment. More than anything, this election is a referendum on corruption bordering on treason. There is a rot within the political establishment that must be treated before it transitively affects our foreign policy more than it already has. For a few hundred thousand dollars, you too could own shares in Hillary Clinton's soul. If you can't afford it then you probably don't want to support her as a candidate for president. If you can't afford the current share price, you will not be represented at all. If the United States is now Third Century Rome, we require the ghost of Diocletian to inhabit the body of a leader willing to dedicate themselves to the nation instead of the highest bidder.

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