The Religion of Social Justice, Part II: The Rise of the Neo-Victorians

The Religion of Social Justice, Part II: The Rise of the Neo-Victorians

The Social Justice religion is a kind of Neo-Victorian resurrection being sculpted by upper class Americans and Europeans. The catalogue of correct terms and words is always being updated and changed in an attempt to show how cultured and correct the curators of the catalogue are in contrast to the unwashed masses who dare to speak plain English or have opinions or ideas they deem to be banned. The world that Social Justice “warriors” envision is in practice one of absolute tyranny because it comes from the idea that human beings should be policed in public, private, and even in their minds. It has reached a level that can be described as Sharia Lite as the movement seeks to even control social interaction on the most personal level and create a divide between men, women, and races. This is just another way for upper class people to sneer at the lower classes for their dated manner of speaking and unwillingness to supplicate themselves at the pillars of Social Justice or repent for the sin of being born. They look down on human sexuality as being something made up for devious reasons rather than the biological imperative it actually is. They look down their noses at people of different races freely interacting with or sharing culture with each other because they themselves find it uncomfortable that people would engage with each other on the same level without acknowledging their made up oppressor/victim dichotomy. They believe people should treat others in different ways depending on their race where non-whites should be coddled due to the bigotry of low expectations instituted by the religion of Social Justice.

The term used in this religion for the things they believe are forbidden (haram in Islam) is "Problematic". It's their version of the word forbidden and so the two words can be used interchangeably. Everything is "Problematic" to them and just knowing this world will cause you to see it everywhere now because of the spread of Political Correctness. The word is peppered into almost everything they say and can be seen everywhere from mainstream media to a SJW with a microphone and a captive audience for them to browbeat into submission. Every religion has its strict dogma.

A list of terms that Princeton now deems "problematic" with their newly updated and therefore correct terms listed. Eventually, these words will too be displaced for words deemed more polite.


The rise of Political Correctness and the religion of Social Justice among upper class millennials is intimately tied to the ideas of original sin and shame. The children of wealthy people are highly susceptible to what amounts to brainwashing in liberal academic establishments because they are meant to feel shame for being born into their race, gender, and class by gender studies teachers using teaching material that is so self-referencing as to be practically incestuous. It is here that they learn the made up jargon of Social Justice and are fed a curriculum that is made to incite emotions rather than inform.

Upper class white males in this religion seek to avoid the fires of Social Justice by throwing other white males into the pit in order to show their dedication to the never ending “Cause”. Upper class white female Social Justice “warriors” take advantage of an inclusionary loophole known as “Intersectionality” which allows them to coopt the racial struggles of the past by equating race with gender and therefore claiming the much sought currency of victimhood as women despite the fact that upper class Western women are, by all conceivable metrics, the most “privileged” class of people in all of human history. The upper class Black, Hispanic, and Asian adherents of the religion of Social Justice also take advantage of Intersectionality by retroactively creating a narrative where their own race has a victim status more in line with chattel slavery in the Americas often by erroneously citing colonialism as an equally oppressive institution.

In the Social Justice bible, all of world history is characterized by white Europeans violently subjugating all other peoples because they are inherently evil and imbued with the taint of Original Sin. Social Justice is highly bigoted in this way because the adherents believe that non-whites have no agency in the world because they are viewed as helpless victims who have no way of impacting their future through their own actions nor do they have any problems of their own devoid of evil omniscient European intervention. Their world view is that without Europeans the Earth would resemble Eden where the plants and animals represent non-whites and Adam and Eve represent whites who selfishly destroyed an otherwise completely peaceful world through their selfishness.


Words now deemed "Problematic" (forbidden) by the University of New Hampshire 

This point of view is born of their own ignorance of world history and the context surrounding historical events. The purposeful lack of information provided by some liberal arts professors adds validity to the cause of Social Justice by creating a culture of fear within the echelons of academia by making professors liable to lose their livelihoods for having an opinion the students and their gender studies wranglers disagree with. The University used to be the panicle of Western exceptionalism where the ideas of freedom of speech and thought were most highly regarded and where the debate between conflicting ideas is prized. Political Correctness and Social Justice are destroying these fundamental characteristics by making liberal arts colleges into churches for their new religion. Students pay for the privilege of being taught a phony language, lied to about how weak and helpless they, and then leave with a gender studies degree that offers almost no prospects for employment in a tough economy. Professors that would like to stand up to Political Correctness are almost always too scared to do so as it would mean losing their jobs. The patients have taken over the asylum.

Just as with the recent trend in academia, Social Justice is an absolutist ideology and the zealots are constantly purging their ranks of rivals and enemies. In this way, people who once sat comfortably among the victim class are now being cast out and labeled oppressors. Straight white gay men are now perceived as privileged oppressors because no matter what they do, they will never overcome their original sin. White transgender people who transition into men now become oppressors when the transformation is complete because they are now “white men” and are therefore the vilest of them all. Obese women accuse women that are normal sized of being oppressive and privileged. Lesbians accuse straight women of being privileged. People with mental illness, an extremely common trait religion (how telling), accuse people without mental illness as being too privileged. Eventually, the only people left in the movement will be whoever is deemed to be the most unique because super special millennial snowflakes trying to one up each other with how unique and precious they are have been a central driving force for this kind of victimhood complex all along. While identity politics is causing division within the religion, the people being cast out are able to see what that kind of toxic community for what it is; a cult like atmosphere where the essential focus on victimhood, identity, and skin color is used to bully and harass people into staying in line. The Social Justice “warriors” obsessively categorize and dissect themselves looking for every drop of uniqueness they can find being that the most important thing in the world for them is themselves. It is certain that most people within their movement have had a moment themselves where they were ganged up on and harassed for innocently stating a unique opinion or using a term that was a month too old. They know exactly how cruel this religion can be.

The Millennials may also be known as The Daycare Generation. The results of this type of child rearing are being examined now as Millennials transition into adulthood with issues involving social interaction and self esteem.


In some ways, Social Justice is their way of dealing with a world where they were shocked to find cared very little for them. This is their way of screaming for attention the same way they did when they were the first generation largely raised in daycares where only the loudest screaming child was able to get the attention of the only adult in a room full of young children. Upper class children also suffer from a lack of parental care that can lead to issues like this later in life.

During the Victorian Era, preposterous language was used in an effort to prove a person was of the endlessly polite upper class. Words like leg or even trousers were seen as crude and were sneered at. Modern Social Justice “warriors” have even adapted the Victorians’ shame of the female form with adherents seeking to cover up photographs and pictures of beautiful women. Remember, these are the same people that see the burqa as “religious freedom of expression”. By convincing themselves that they are progressive and forward thinking, they have one upped each other into being the most illiberal and regressive people around. We will eventually look back on this time as being as obnoxious and shameful the same way we do when we remember the polite societies of the latter half of the 19th century.     

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