Count the Women and Children: Pathological Altruism and Mass Migration

Pathological Altruism has caused many in Western countries to applaud their own impending doom. By taking altruism to its furthest extreme, Westerners have begun a process that will ensure that they are to be a permanent class of workers who are taxed in order to feed, clothe, and house and demographic that lives on the public dole in some places at rates as high as 90%. What does the West get from displacing themselves and ensuring a hard life for their children? Apparently, they get to pat themselves on the back for being nice to those that will take advantage of their every kindness and weakness. 

Tribes of Italy: The Samnites

Part II: The Samnites were herdsmen and warriors who lived in the Apennine Mountains east of Latium. For several hundred years, they positioned themselves as formidable rivals to Rome when that city's power was on the upswing. Theirs is a history of stubbornness and tragedy in equal measures. 

Privilege is a Goal, not a Social Justice Sin

Privilege has become a way for the religion of social justice to attack people on the basis that their very existence is an afront to decency. What they don't know is that privilege isn't free and it's certainly not dependent on race. There are traits common to the most successful groups in America that translate to anyone no matter their background. Go by this basic lifeplan and success is likely to follow. 

2016 US Presidential Election is a Referendum on Corruption

For only a few hundred thousand dollars, you too could own a share in Clinton's soul. That's the cost of recieving representation. If you cannot afford to generously donate that amount, you will not be represented by her. Clinton is the tip of the iceberg in terms of state corruption. She is the sloppiest, least scrupulous, corrupt official we have and we should thank her for providing an easy to follow guideline for how a person can make millions of dollars by using her position in the government to dole out favors and conducting diplomacy in the favor of her "customers". We have learned, however, that she couldn't have done it alone.

The Religion of Social Justice, Part I: Political Correctness as Faith

Social Justice has positioned itself as a quasi religious system in the West. It has taken the place formerly held by Christianity. A lot of functionally atheist or agnostic Millennials who normally would have been people of faith now find themselves filling a religion sized whole with a highly dogmatic and conformist world view based on the insatiable principles of original sin and repentance. 

The World at the Time of the Crusades

Many in the West have been taught to see the Crusades in a vacuum and as an act of aggression rather than as a response to an outside threat. When looking at the world of that time, it is easy to see that the Crusades were the inevitable response to centuries of invasions and raids from the Caliphate and later Islamic kingdoms of the East. After losing North Africa, Egypt, Syria, Spain, and Anatolia the people of Christendom fought back. Enter Stage Left: The Crusader    

Syria Story: Every Picture a Point of View

The Syrian Civil War is being fought by more than four distinct sides interested in maintaining and expanding power and influence over the region; it is a regional war. Each photograph in Syria Story comes from the point of view of a different person on every side of this bloody conflict.